About Debate Pool

Debate Pool is an online discussion forum built to begin and facilitate online debates about various relevant geopolitical topics. It was created with the intention to construct solutions to difficult world issues via a democratic process in which all users are encouraged to voice their own opinions to a proposed question.

One of these proposed questions is posted each week in the “Debates” tab, an innovation in which users can comment and discuss on the topic of the week OR read further back into questions posed in previous weeks. There is also an “Opinion Pieces” tab that is home to various articles written by Debate Pool and that can also be commented on.

However, the main goal of Debate Pool is to act as a tool for providing focused user-generated content in the Debates section similar to a forum. Although a guiding hand is given to the user discussions in terms of proposed questions, it is up to the users to debate based on a given topic, and it is Debate Pool’s firm belief that this is the best way to create a healthy dialogue on an issue.


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